Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gray, the new white

Oh, wait, did I say green was the new white? Forget about it! Gray is the new green. Or white. At least until my white kona arives :D

So, beause I really love how the Cip quilt looked, and because I had no inspiration for a custom quilt waiting for me, I decided to go with something I knew I'll love: gray and pink. Really, who doesn't?


I've been thinking about another pattern for quite a while, but it seems that everytime I am not having enough inspiration, or I'm just to stressed out, one simple quilt like this really makes me going. And after I see it done I have enough energy to start over with a totaly different thing.

I am having a lot of second thoughts about the sunspots, but in the end...there's nothing I can do about it anymore :))))

IMG_7778 (Large)

I started with a gray backing in mind but I felt it was too much, so pink it is.


Now I'll go planning someting with some linen I found today at a local shop. Not cotton linen blen, just linen. It's gonna be fun. Or not :))

Or maybe I should go finish a huge-to-me quilt. Neah! I'll go with the linen :D


  1. Hey that's great. I love how you've got the darker grey squares in there too, really nice. And I think the pink back is perfect. Love that linen. They don't seem to do coloured linen here in France, it's all white or that beigey/light tan colour. I end up ordering it online. Speaking of which, where did you end up ordering your Kona white from? Did you really order a bolt of it?

  2. YUM I love the grey. And I love that stack of linen. Looks great! :)

  3. The linen is wonderful! I love using linen in quilts and I prefer the 100% linen rather a blend.


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