Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lots of first time

And I mean lots of :)

My husband's first time in the ER. That was something I wouldn't want again. But for the others... hmm... maybe it's the begining of a beautifull freindship :))

My first mini quilts. As in really tiny quilts :). Around 50 x 60 cm.
And the first time I used minky type fabrics. (sooo soft and nice and soooo much pinning, duh!)
They were ready incredibly quick and now I dream about bolts of minky :D


My first huge-for-me quilt.Around 130 x 170 cm. That was a beast to quilt. I have no ideea how somebody can quilt anything bigger. Just wow! With this one I have only lousy photos but the quilt was so so nice. t was a custom quilt and although mom said the kid's favorite colour was blue, I just didn't have inspiration with blue. As in staring at a blue pile of fabrics for days and ...nothing. So I made a very blue back, with lots of sharks. So not my style but kind of cool :)


My first blog award, that came from two ladies that I love enjoy reading. 300 folowers is little? Get out of here :)

I'm really not a fan of blog awards, but the fact that I actually received one for this tiny blog made me feel really good so this time I'm going to play :). As in name 3 nice ladies with not-so-many-as-in-300-followers that I enjoy reading.

Of course, first up is Kristy, also known as the pan lady ;). I follow Kristy, follow as in can't wait a new post and cannot immagine how come she doesn't have 300 followers by now :)

I looove reading Mary (yeah, fine, you passed the award here but this doesn't mean I can't sent it back, right? :P), she got me dreaming about QAYG and I love her sense of colour even though we are very different. I just feel good when I vist her and I want to see more of her really cool house :)

I instantly fell in love with Andy when I saw her favorites gallery on Flickr. And then I saw her quilts. What a fantastic lady!

Sorry for the long post, it's been a while ... :)


  1. Oh no, I hope your husband is okay. A trip to ER sounds very, very scary. Sending good health vibes your way.

    Love those mini quilts, what a great way to use minky, less shifting in a small thing. Did you do an envelope finish (sew right sides together then turn inside out? That looks really good, and much easier than binding.
    Thanks for the award - I'm tickled pink that you like my blog because I love yours! ill try to post later today. x x

  2. That's pretty nice of you to send it back but I think that must be breaking some sort of rule somewhere.


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